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Ogliastra is an ancient land of stunning beautyThe air is clean, the food is really good and genuine:… this must be why Ogliastra is also a land of 100-year-old residents who are wise, welcoming and lively.

Visiting Ogliastra means entering the heart of Sardinia, its most beautiful and still unspoilt coast where tourism enters on tiptoe without distorting the true soul of this area.

The beaches of Ogliastra

Imagine waking up feeling rested in our hotel, having a delicious leisurely breakfast, and then going out to discover the unique beaches in the area. At the beach you will not only be amazed by the whiteness of the sand, the transparency of the sea and the absolutely uncontaminated setting but also by the sensation of peace and of harmony with the environment that envelops you. Then, imagine yourself having a swim and playing a game or reading a good book after a long year of routines to follow.

Suggestions? Here are the most beautiful beaches to visit near the Hotel Poseidonia.

Arbatax and Rocce Rosse
Cala Moresca
Porto Frailis bay
Cala Fuile
La Capannina beach
Orrì Lido
Cea Marina
Torre di Barisardo beach
Tertenia Marina

The Supramonte and its mountains

Known as the Supramonte, the mountains of Ogliastra are a true paradise for those who love adventure and unspoilt nature. 

This majestic mountain range offers a spectacular landscape with its towering peaks, deep gorges and canyons, sinkholes, and lovely rivers. The hiking trails on the Supramonte allow you to explore fascinating landscapes that are rich in unique flora and fauna. Climbing enthusiasts will find rocky walls, and trekkers will discover ancient paths that cross woods and pastures. The mountains of Ogliastra and the Supramonte offer an authentic and unforgettable experience for those who wish to immerse themselves in wild nature and discover the unspoiled beauty of Sardinia.

Supramonte of Baunei
Su Gorropu
Su Marmuri grottos
Lequarci waterfalls
Natural swimming pools of Baumela
Santa Barbara woods

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Explore scenic trails that will lead you to spectacular viewpoints, admire beautiful gorges, and discover ancient archaeological sites surrounded by nature.

Food and wine

Exploring Ogliastra means enjoying a complete experience that combines natural beauty with the richness of the region’s food and wine

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