Follow the roads of wine and good food

Ogliastra food and wine

Ogliastra is a land of aromas and flavours, where food becomes experience and wine teaches the tradition and work behind the best Sardinian bottles.

Discovering Ogliastra means not only getting to know a territory rich in natural beauty, but also discovering new and genuine flavours, feeling the heady aromas of the wines, observing the meticulous preparation of ancient dishes, and savouring dishes that are otherwise little known

Visit the Wineries

Taking a tour of the Ogliastra wineries is a fun and interesting experience for the most passionate palates. However, it is also a great option for anyone who wants to enjoy a different, original kind of day among rows of vines and fine barrels.
Several famous wineries in the area are within easy reach of Hotel Poseidonia.

La Cantina di Jerzu: Antichi Poderi di Jerzu is the main wine cooperative in Ogliastra and one of the largest in Sardinia. 

The Talavé Winery : it is located in Triei where many grape varieties are grown. Visiting this winery is like entering the history of wine: admire the care and dedication of the expert artisans who work here.

• Tenute Gebelias: founded at the beginning of the last century, it stands out for its important history rooted in love, passion, and hard work in the fields. The commitment of several generations has contributed to forging the experience that characterizes the work carried out today.

Typical dishes

Pistoccu: the typical bread of Ogliastra, Pistoccu is baked twice to give it a dry and crunchy consistency. It is a very thick variant of the more common carasau bread. 
Culurgiones: this is the most famous dish in Ogliastra cuisine. Culurgiones are fresh pasta ravioli stuffed with potatoes, cheese, and mint. They are characteristically, visibly “sewn” by hand, thanks to a skill that is handed down from family to family.
Bottarga: this is a fine fish product obtained from the salting and drying of tuna or mullet roe. Thanks to its seafaring tradition, Arbatax is renowned for the production of high-quality bottarga.
Also recommended are the typical Sardinian roasted suckling pig, and seadas and pardulas, delicious sweets that are typical of the Sardinian tradition.


Ogliastra is an ancient land that is rich in traditions: responding to the daily needs of the family and the typical needs of a bygone era, the inhabitants worked in the noble art of craftsmanship.
This art led the area to its central position in the world of all Sardinian craftsmanship.
The area is known for incredible textile products created with original medieval-inspired looms, as well as for ceramics and outstanding, unique gold and silver jewellery.
Ogliastra has many local handicraft shops where you can see and buy stunning souvenirs created with skilled hands and a lot of passion.

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